Inspiring the next
Black male teachers

Recruiting Black men into teaching begins in K-12 and ends with retirement. Our programs engage Black males in education throughout their lives.

The 4Es Framework for Black Male Teachers

Research points to four factors that lead Black men to and through the classroom. We lean into these four factors as we work with partner organizations to build local pipelines to bring Black males to teaching.

He is Me 4E

Black Male Teachers

When Black boys experience Black male teachers, they are more likely to succeed in school, reach lifelong success, and become teachers.

He is Me 4E

to Teaching

When Black males have their own early exposure to teaching, they are more likely to begin a career in education.

He is Me 4E

Teaching Skills

When Black males have culturally-relevant opportunities to expand their teaching skills, they have the tools to stay in the teaching profession longer.

He is Me 4E


When Black males explore their own identities, they become more effective classroom teachers.

What We Offer

He is Me Institute Networks

Public and private schools, school districts, colleges and universities, and teacher preparation programs can recruit directly from our network. When you partner with He is Me Institute and our local Education Equity Initiative, you commit to implementing the I AM KING mentoring program for school-aged boys of color and/or to providing unique teacher development to Black males.  

When Black males complete our mentoring program, along with at least one appropriate teacher development course, they are welcomed into He is Me’s Fellows Network as a Fellow Member. They gain permanent access to job postings, networking opportunities, connection to other Black male teachers, professional development, and a central source for information on education equity–all with a focus on Black male teachers.

Black males who want to learn more about the field, including how to implement our programs at their institutions, may join our network as a General Member.

I Am King Mentoring Program (IAK)

IAK is an after-school mentoring program for small groups of K-12 boys of color.  Black college men serve as mentors, gaining their first authentic teaching experience , while for the boys, it is likely to be a first-time experience with a Black male teacher.

IAK implements all of the 4Es of the Black male teacher framework. (see above)

Mentors participate in weekly training where they learn to facilitate the IAK curriculum at He is Me's partner schools. Experienced Black male teachers serve as the liaisons between the program, the school, and the boys’ families. He is Me's team is always available to provide needed support and resources.

Teacher Development for Black Males

We provide high school and college courses as well as post-grad and
teacher-level development modules for you to implement. In all tiers of development, we train your staff to become certified to teach the courses
and/or to lead the development.

Our Courses

  • Reclaiming Our Identities Course (ROI)
  • Reclaiming Our Identities Training (ROI)


(My son) is really enjoying the program (I Am King). He thought it would be something he wouldn’t be into at first, but he has more interest in the program after the first meeting.

Can’t wait for Saturday. (meaning second session)
I think this will not only help him with understanding who he is,
but alleviate some of his social anxiety.

I think many college campuses would be able to motivate young black men to pursue further education. It also is so helpful to us in school because it teaches us many things to help us in our careers and professional settings.

This would be a great opportunity to get He Is Me into schools
as part of an after school program.

After seeing the impact it has left on my two young gentleman as well as my younger cousin who also participated in He Is Me I would not hesitate to recommend as many young men as possible to gain this experience!

He Is Me Institute is opening doors for Black men to enter careers in education. They have created cohorts of visible, connected leaders whose knowledge and life experiences make them powerful, positive role models for today’s students.

Program Partners

Together, we can empower more Black men to lead from the blackboard.

Greater Boston

P.A. Shaw Elementary

Boston Latin Academy

University of Massachusetts Boston

Emmanuel College

Shady Hill School

Greater Cincinnati

Middletown City School District

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