He Looks Like Me – A New Evidence-based Resource for Mentoring and Teaching Boys of Color

A long-time New Jersey special education teacher announces the release of his new book

He Looks Like Me,
by Dr. Michael A. Coe, M.Ed, D.Div,. is meant to encourage public school leaders to think more deeply about hiring Black male teachers and the effects Black male teachers and mentors have on students. Dr. Coe’s hope is to encourage and motivate African American males and men of color to enter the field of education.

He is Me’s Mission is to Do Exactly That

He is Me’s Education Equity Initiative not only encourages and motivates African American males to enter the field of education, but creates the means for them to do that. He is Me supports Black males in the field of education every step of the way. From recruiting them into our unique teacher discovery and development programs, to assisting their placement in a teacher residency or teacher training program, to helping with a first job placement, and providing professional development and a community of support throughout their careers.

Dr. Coe’s book covers much of the in-depth research on the effects of Black male teacher mentoring and its impact on society. He is Me’s social-emotional curriculum, for boys in the I AM KING after-school mentoring program, and for Black men in the RECLAIMING OUR IDENTITIES course, also leans into the research done by academic leaders in this field, incorporating the findings of Dr. Travis Bristol of the U. California Berkeley, and others.

According to a news release, Dr. Coe has dedicated his life to bringing change to African American males in the inner-city community. He holds an Associate of Applied Science in general business from Mercer County Community College, West Windsor, NJ; a BS in biblical studies from Cairn University in Langhorne, PA;, an MEd. from Gratz College, Melrose Park, PA; and a post-master’s degree in School Administration from The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ.  Coe also earned a Doctor of Divinity from Isaiah University, Daytona Beach, FL.

What Readers Should Understand
Coe says that after reading He Looks LIke Me, readers should understand:

• The vitality of having men of color in the classroom,
• The importance of mentoring young Black boys and boys of color,
• How boys of color do meet classroom expectations when there is an African American male teacher in their classroom, and the effects of placing African American males and other males of color in special education classrooms.

For additional information or inquiries about He Looks Like Me: a New Evidence-based Resource for Mentoring and Teaching Boys of Color, contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919, or find it on Amazon.com.


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