The “role model effect” is the proven impact that teachers have on students with whom they share an identity.

There are over 3.5 million Black boys in U.S. schools, each of which can benefit from having at least one teach who looks like him.

During the I AM KING mentorship, small groups of middle school boys of color participate in our semester-long program where they receive mentorship from Black male college students. They engage with the social-emotional learning curriculum that develops their racial-identity and builds their emotional vocabulary.


  • My child is in the 5th-8th grades.

  • My child is a boy of color who could benefit from a Black male role model.

  • I want my child to develop skills to navigate their personal and academic lives.

  • I believe that we need more Black men in our schools.

  • My child can participate in weekly mentoring sessions for a full semester.

  • I want my child to learn how to interact with others before entering high school.

If you identify with any of these statements, your child will benefit from the I AM KING Mentoring Program.

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What is the I AM KING
Mentoring Program?

Middle school boys in the I AM KING mentoring program participate in weekly activities facilitated by Black male college students. The curriculum gradually builds the boys’ social-emotional learning skills, and develops their identity and literacy to be able to respond to and navigate their individual and collective realities.


Why should I enroll my child in the I AM KING program?
When does the I AM KING program take place?
Where does the I AM KING program take place?
How can my child become a mentee in the I AM KING program?
Does my child have to identify as a Black boy to enroll in I AM KING?
What is social-emotional learning?
Why is racial identity and emotional language acquisition important?
How will my child be able to apply what they learn to their own lives?
How much does it cost to participate in the I AM KING program?
Can there be an I AM KING program at my child's school, district, or community center?


(My son) is really enjoying the program. He thought it would be something he wouldn’t be into at first, but he has more interest in the program after the first meeting

Can’t wait for Saturday. (meaning second session) I think this will not only help him with understanding who he is, but alleviate some of his social anxiety.

"I had such an amazing and fulfilling experience!"

"It’s such a great program and I can’t wait to be a part of it again."

"This would be a great opportunity to get He Is Me into schools as part of an after school program."

"After seeing the impact it has left on my two young gentleman as well as my younger cousin who also participated in He Is Me I would not hesitate to recommend as many young man as possible and to gain this experience!"

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You buy a box,
We give a box.

Provide a boy of color with a complete activity box to participate in our virtual I AM KING mentoring program when you buy a King Me Box!

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