Black men can teach.

There are over 3.5 million Black boys in U.S. schools, each of which can benefit from having at least one teacher who looks like him.

Our mentees are Black boys who have the opportunity to experience Black male teachers.

Does this sound like you?

My child is enrolled in a partnering school. (View our partnering schools)

I want my child to develop social-emotional skills from Black men.

I want my child to benefit from a Black male teacher.

I believe that we need more Black men in our schools.

I am committed to supporting my child in developing skills to navigate his life.

I know that my child is capable and powerful enough to become a teacher.

Our mentees develop
social-emotional skills from future Black male teachers.

Black male high school and college students receive training to facilitate a 24-week social-emotional learning curriculum with boys of color.

Mentoring Program

The social-emotional learning-centered curriculum ensures that all participants develop a stronger self-identity and a deeper understanding of how to navigate the education space.

In each 60-90 minute session:

Black boys experience Black male teachers

Black male college students are exposed to the teaching profession

Black male teachers can expand their skills, and

Black males at every level explore their own identities


(My son) is really enjoying the program (I Am King). He thought it would be something he wouldn’t be into at first, but he has more interest in the program after the first meeting.

Can’t wait for Saturday. (meaning second session)
I think this will not only help him with understanding who he is,
but alleviate some of his social anxiety.

I think many college campuses would be able to motivate young black men to pursue further education. It also is so helpful to us in school because it teaches us many things to help us in our careers and professional settings.

This would be a great opportunity to get He Is Me into schools
as part of an after school program.

After seeing the impact it has left on my two young gentleman as well as my younger cousin who also participated in He Is Me I would not hesitate to recommend as many young men as possible to gain this experience!

He Is Me Institute is opening doors for Black men to enter careers in education. They have created cohorts of visible, connected leaders whose knowledge and life experiences make them powerful, positive role models for today’s students.

Program Partners

Together, we can empower more Black men to lead from the blackboard.

Greater Boston

P.A. Shaw Elementary

Boston Latin Academy

University of Massachusetts Boston

Emmanuel College

Shady Hill School

Greater Cincinnati

Middletown City School District

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