Response to the Aftermath of George Floyd Killing

He is Me Institute Executive Director Statement

Going “Back” is Not Good For Schools. Let’s Go Forward with CBOs.

Why aim to go back to something that we know doesn’t work? Instead, let’s let local community centers be the solution to our schools’ most pressing safety and equity issues.

Black Men Will Teach...If You Hire Them

When Black boys grow up in the presence of father figures, they tend to fare better in school and in life, according to researchers at Harvard University and Princeton University. Yet over 70% of Black children grow up in single-mother homes. Additionally, 77% of the teaching force is female, and 80% of our nation’s teachers are White. Where does this leave our Black boys? Underrepresented, misunderstood, and underprepared.

He is Me Institute Founder Receives Fellowship to Develop Teacher Prep Program for Black Men

Robert Hendricks, He is Me Institute Founder and Executive Director was recently selected to join the 4.0 Schools Tiny Fellowship. The Tiny Fellowship helps new and aspiring founders take their idea to a proof point that is ready to grow. Hendricks and the He is Me Institute is one of 46 ventures selected to join the cohort out of a pool of over 240 applicants.