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He is Me Institute empowers Black men to obtain and retain careers in education.

Although Black male teachers have a profound impact on student learning, only 2% of teachers identify as such. Our goal is to empower Black men to obtain and retain careers in teaching, so that they can change the trajectory for the next generation of Black youth.

We introduce Black men to education by providing opportunities to explore teaching as a career. They learn about their own identities, research education equity issues, and work directly with students via mentoring. Our programs facilitate experiences that help young Black men realize that they can teach, want to teach, and need to teach.

We are not a teacher recruitment program. We are a teacher discovery program. Participants are college students who leverage our programs to determine their why. They frequently reflect on the intersection between their personal identities, their experiences as students, and the impact that they now have in our programs. This combination of experience and reflection empowers our fellows to obtain and retain careers in education.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to increase the number of Black men who enter the pipeline to become teachers.

our vision

Black households can attain financial freedom when they have the opportunity to reach their highest academic potential.

our vAules

We lead with empathy, act with integrity, experience growth through struggle, and learn through reflection.

Our Declaration

We equip Black men with tools to ensure that Black boys can navigate life with the support, care, and love that they deserve.

By 2053, the Black median household wealth is projected to fall to $0. Together, we can STOP THE TREND.

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Founder & Executive Director

I've seen the genius of Black boys be silenced in schools. I was a boy in that situation at one point. It usually came down to Black boys being misunderstood and misrepresented.

We need people who understand and can represent Black boys in our schools. And based on the data, those people are Black men.

He is Me created a clear path for Black men to teach. We let them discover education on their own by first discovering themselves.

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