How we can Stop the Trend.

We introduce Black men to STEAM education by providing mentorship and teaching opportunities with middle school boys. We facilitate experiences that help these young men realize that they can teach, want to teach, and need to teach.

We are not a teacher recruitment program. We are a teacher discovery program. Mentors and teaching fellows are college students who leverage our programs to determine their why. They frequently reflect on the intersection between their personal identities, their experiences as students, and the impact that they now have in this program. This combination of experience and reflection empowers our fellows to obtain and retain careers in education.

Our vision

Black households can attain financial freedom. Income tends to rise with educational attainment and Black male teachers yield better academic outcomes for all students, particularly boys of color.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to increase the number of Black men who enter the pipeline to become teachers. Black men make up 2% of the national teaching force and 1% in Boston Public Schools.

Our values

We lead with empathy, act with integrity, experience growth through struggle, and learn through reflection.
Our values of empathy, integrity, growth, and reflection guide our work.

Our promise

We do not believe that it is inevitable for Black households to have no wealth by 2053. We will place hundreds of Black men in teaching positions over the next generation to stop the trend.

After-School Mentors

We are looking for Black male college students to serve as mentors to middle school boys at our after-school STEAM@King program! 

Mentors will be assigned to a group of 3-5 boys to engage in pre-designed STEAM activities.

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Mentors will receive a $620 stipend for training and mentoring during the 6-8 week program. Mentoring sessions are 60-90 minutes followed by a brief reflection. You will prepare for the following session by attending a virtual meeting with the rest of the mentors each week.

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STEAM Teams include 3-4 middle school scholars and a college mentor. They will collaborate on a hands-on project that allows them to explore a career in the STEAM professions, which enhances academic skills and 21st century skills. Scholars are male students in the 5th-8th grades at our partner schools.

Interested in becoming a partner school? Contact us!

Stay Tuned for our 2021 Summer Program!

Our full summer program will launch in 2021. During the school year, our mentors will continue to work with small groups after school. In the summer, we will hire fellows to teach classes of 5th-8th grade boys to prevent the summer slide through fun, hands-on learning experiences and genuine mentorship.

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