Striving for community equity through education.

Empowering Black men to obtain and retain careers in education, to help change the trajectory for the next generation of Black youth.

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The challenge

Black household wealth is expected to be $0 by 2053.

Educational attainment is proven to be correlated with wealth. Here’s what education can do for the Black community.

Increase Wealth

Household wealth increases 10x when a family member has a college degree

Live Above the Poverty Line

98% of Black men with a college degree do not live in poverty

Increase Wealth

There are 3.5 million Black boys in K-12 who deserve opportunities for lifelong success

Our solution

Black men have shown to increase educational outcomes for Black boys.

We developed a direct path for Black males to become and remain teachers in their local communities. Our Education Equity Initiative takes a holistic approach to improve our communities.


Education Equity Initiative Partners

Districts & Schools

Districts and schools join the Education Equity Initiative by implementing programs that allow Black boys to experience Black male teachers.

Colleges & Universities

Colleges and universities join the Education Equity Initiative by enrolling their Black male students into programs that expose them to teaching.

Teacher Residencies

Teacher residency programs join the Education Equity Initiative by recruiting and preparing more qualified Black men through their programs.

Advocacy Groups

Advocacy groups support our initiative by influencing partners, policies, and practices that help us reach our mission while learning best practices from us.

Funding Partners

Funding partners are committed to the long-term endeavor of recruiting, retaining, and retiring Black men from teaching.


Families support our mission by ensuring that boys of color in their local schools have an early introduction to the teaching profession.

Introducing Black men to education

I AM KING Program

Black boys in elementary and middle school learn from Black male high school and college students in the I AM KING Program.

TEACH LOCAL Development Program

Black male high school and college students enroll in coursework to supplement their experience mentoring and teaching boys of color.

He is Me Fellowship Network

Black male teachers receive support to coordinate the I AM KING program at their schools.

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Our impact

The He is Me Effect

(My son) is really enjoying the program (I am King). He thought it would be something he wouldn’t be into at first, but he has more interest in the program after the first meeting

Can’t wait for Saturday. (meaning second session) I think this will not only help him with understanding who he is, but alleviate some of his social anxiety.

I think many college campuses would be able to motivate young black men to pursue further education. It also is so helpful to us in school because it teaches us many things to help us in our careers and professional settings.

This would be a great opportunity to get He Is Me into schools as part of an after school program.

After seeing the impact it has left on my two young gentleman as well as my younger cousin who also participated in He Is Me I would not hesitate to recommend as many young man as possible and to gain this experience!"

He Is Me Institute is opening doors for Black men to enter careers in education. They have created cohorts of visible, connected leaders whose knowledge and life experiences make them powerful, positive role models for today’s students.

The He is Me Effect


College students


Boys of color impacted


Black men impacted


He Is Me Volunteers

Want to join the cause? He is Me has various opportunities for you to support, participate, or partner with the organization.

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Can my child/student sign up for a mentor through He is Me?
I am not an educator nor a funder. How can I support He is Me?
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